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Secretary Affairs

Recognizing the importance of first impressions, Secretary Affairs is offering entrepreneurs and business owners a way to hire qualified staff to act as a contact point for their business. Secretary Affairs is the perfect place to head when companies from a range of sectors have positions to fill that require high skill levels and a professional, representative appearance. 

The idea behind Secretary Affairs was conceived when the founder that launched the company acknowledged how his experienced and attractive personal assistant played an important role in the success of his other businesses. Setting out to emulate this, the concept of Secretary Affairs was crafted. Selecting only high calibre candidates that also possess an image that reflects the company, the platform strives to connect businesses with the candidates they need to drive success. The combination of traditional recruitment agency and a consideration of appearance, is set to make Secretary Affairs the destination to head to for hiring companies.


About us

What we do

Secretary Affairs combines the looks and the experience. We fuse administrative HR with the touch of a modeling agency.

We recruit in particular these positions:
secretaries, assistants, office managers, account managers, spokespersons, receptionists etc.

Receive candidates


How does it work?

During this process you will receive our advice and support.

1. Fill out the form

Fill out basic information, such as your e-mail, name, languages required to be spoken by your candidate as well as your field of business. You can add any comments, to provide us a better description of your demand.

2. Receive candidates

After submitting the form, you will receive simple profiles of candidates for free. If interested in a concrete one or wanting us to recruit other specific candidates, you will be asked to sign our recruitment contract.

3. Decision time

Give us further details about your open position and we provide you with all necessary documentation of the candidate as well as mutual job interviews. Decide for the right candidate.

4. Sign contracts

After accepting the candidate and the candidate accepting your employment conditions, your employment contract is signed. The candidate is ready to join your business.

5. Pay commission

After the successful recruiting process we charge our commission based on the provisions of the concluded recruiting contract.

Terms and conditions I am interested


Skills and looks fusion

We specialize in recruiting both glamorous and qualified candidates that will create the perfect first impression while being strong members of your team.

Examples of our candidates:


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Leave us information about your requirements and we send you the best candidates for you.

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We are an international recruiting agency with the goal to recruit ideal candidates, who are capable to represent our clients with their professional skills and also with a representative appearance.

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If you like the idea of getting international job offers, feel free to send us your resume. Our HR manager will contact you. Please include also a cover letter and your photo.


We are here for you

Feel free to contact us via email.

We operate our business worldwide


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