Why multilingual assistants are essential for businesses

When it comes to finding an assistant that is well suited for their organisation, many business owners look for the same things; they want a person who is intelligent, professional, experienced and skilled in day to day office tasks and makes a good impression. However, something that is often overlooked is the importance of finding an assistant that is multilingual. 

Having an assistant who can speak multiple languages is a huge benefit to any business and it can actually open a number of doors, especially when working in Europe. Every candidate at Secretary Affairs is multilingual and this is something a business should utilise. Rather than seeing speaking another language as a talking point or an interesting skill, it’s time to understand just how useful this can be to a business as a whole. 

Benefits of Hiring a Multilingual Assistant

Having a multilingual assistant is extremely useful, especially for those who conduct business in Europe. If you haven’t considered why a multilingual assistant is essential, these key benefits may help:

A multilingual assistant immediately opens doors in terms of where business can be conducted. Language barriers often put a stop to business deals being done in countries or create friction and inconvenience when translation and interpretation services must be arranged in the event that there isn’t a common language. A multilingual assistant can bridge the gap. This increases the number of places you can do business and who you can do business with. As a friendly, professional face, a multilingual assistant can also add a more approachable impression, which a third party translator or interpreter may not.

Speaking a range of languages isn’t easy and it’s quite rightly viewed by many as an impressive skill to have; this can impress potential clients, new business partners and anyone else you need to build a rapport with. Having an assistant that impresses looks great on the business as a whole.

Having a skilled multilingual assistant is not just useful for business meetings, it also means conferences, exhibitions and events overseas become more accessible, and communications with suppliers and partners in other countries much easier and more fluid. 

If you’re looking for a multilingual assistant for your business, look no further. At Secretary Affairs we have a number of talented candidates who have everything to offer. Take a look.

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